Rockingham Tackles Single Use Plastics and Balloons

Rockingham Tackles Single Use Plastics and Balloons

The City of Rockingham has taken a positive step forward in protecting the environment, after Council adopted the Single Use Plastics and Balloons Policy at the ordinary meeting held on Tuesday 28 May 2019.

The Single Use Plastics and Balloons Policy was adopted along with the supporting ‘Turn the Tide on Plastic’ guideline and outlines controls that minimise the use of disposable plastics by requiring the use of compostable or reusable alternatives.

The policy will apply to all City operations, any events held in public places or City-controlled land that require approval from the City, and all traders operating with a permit issued by the City. The adoption of the policy at the May Council meeting comes after a unanimous decision by Council in August 2018 to address the issue of single use plastics.

In addition, the supporting ‘Turn the Tide on Plastic’ guideline provides residents with extensive information that can help them make the switch away from single use plastics. It also offers valuable information for businesses wishing to reduce their use of plastic.

City of Rockingham Mayor Barry Sammels said the new policy and guideline was the most extensive of its kind for a local government in Western Australia.

“The matter of single use plastics is an issue that impacts the community on a large scale and Council was of the firm view that leadership needed to be taken in this space,” Mayor Sammels said.

“Rockingham has a unique coastline that is very important to the community’s way of life. Given the fact that single use plastics can have devastating effects on our marine wildlife, it was important we take action and the community shared this view during public consultation.

“This policy is an important step in the right direction and clearly outlines the steps that are required to be taken so we can best protect our wonderful environmental assets from the harm caused by single use plastics and balloons.”


Dates for Green Waste Verge Collection Round 2 of 2018/2019

The next round of green waste verge collections begins in May to June 2019.


Maximum of three cubic metres per residential property, placed neatly on the kerb not more than the weekend prior to the scheduled collection date for the area.

Acceptable items:

Tree and shrub prunings to a maximum of:

  • 1.5 metres in length
  • 350 mm in diameter

Collection Dates:

Visit Near Me on the City of Rockingham website for your area’s scheduled collection date.


2019 City of Rockingham Team Plan

2019 City of Rockingham Team Plan

Burning the midnight oil again because it’s been another busy day. The longest meeting of the day was the annual Team Plan Presentation. Each year the CEO, Directors and Senior Managers make a presentation to us Councillors. It’s their opportunity to give us a quick snapshot of their department, and the major things they’re working on. They also provide their financial summary and explain any proposed changes to staff numbers. No wonder it ran for three hours from 4pm – 7pm! (Although we did get a 15 minute break for a pee and a coffee)

As you’d expect with a City growing as fast as ours we do need a few more staff moving forward, but the changes won’t be anything like when we took over the operation of the Aqua Jetty and the Mike Barnett Complex. Overall on a staff to residents ratio we’re still one of the best in WA. Which is a good sign of efficiency.

Some of my notes from the night include;

  • Our Customer and Corporate Support Dept are working towards releasing the RockPort App which will make dealing with the City easier.
  • Our Waste Services Dept have reported that landfill diversion (stuff avoiding landfill) has increased from 24% to 47% as a result of the new three bin system.
  • On the back of the hugely successful visit by the Perth Symphony Orchestra, our Community and Capacity Building team are trying to attract acts to perform in Rockingham during the Perth Festival and the Fringe Festival.
  • Our Parks Dept will be planting more than 4500 trees across the City during winter.
  • Our Engineering Services dept will be reviewing the need for a second access point into Woodbridge Estate (This is a big one for me and it’s something I’ve been pushing for since I started on Council)



Recycling Bin Stickers Coming in Next City Chronicle

Recycling Bin Stickers Coming in Next City Chronicle

City of Rockingham residents are encouraged to keep an eye out for the next edition of the City Chronicle newsletter, which will contain a handy sticker guide to assist in properly disposing of recyclables.

The City Chronicle, which is distributed to all households across the City, will include a copy of the Recycling Bin Sticker Guide when the autumn edition arrives in the post throughout late February.

Mayor Barry Sammels said the Recycling Bin Sticker Guide would be a helpful tool for residents when they were recycling.

“In recent times there have been some changes to the recycling industry that have impacted on what people can put into their bins,” Mayor Sammels said.

“To assist residents in properly identifying what they can and can’t recycle, the City is delighted to be able to include a copy of the Recycling Bin Sticker Guide in the autumn edition of the City Chronicle.

“The guide will help the community to improve the quality of recyclables that are entering our recycling bins and will also reduce contamination, which can often affect processing, safety of workers and the final quality of a recycled product.

“Ultimately, the better our recyclables are, the more we can recycle.”

The stickers in the City Chronicle will be suitable for both internal and external recycle bins. Residents are asked to place the stickers on a clean surface on their bin to ensure the instructions are readily available.

If you receive the City Chronicle electronically and would like a bin sticker, call the City on 9528 0333 or email and we will arrange to send one out to you.


Clean Up Australia Day on this weekend

Clean Up Australia Day on this weekend

Hundreds of people from businesses, schools, community groups and individuals have registered to clean up a site this weekend.

The City would like to thank all participants for their time in helping to rid the environment of litter. Please remember to be sun safe and stay hydrated.

Want to join a clean-up? Visit the Clean Up Australia Day website to volunteer a public clean up event.

​For those events that have requested a collection from LitterBusters, please remember to separate the recycling bags from general waste bags.



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