Andy’s Council Meeting Agenda Summary – January 2019

Andy’s Summary

There’s not a huge amount on the Agenda this month, although with the continuing concerns over a potential homeless shelter in Shoalwater, the partially completed Foreshore Redevelopment and a number of other hot topics, I suspect we’ll see another full gallery.

Local Government, like most organisations takes a little while to get the ball rolling after the Christmas break, I think we’re in for a quick meeting this month, but suspect the February meeting will be a big one.


Matters for which the Meeting may be Closed

GM-002/19 Key Focus Areas for the Chief Executive Officer to address in 2019

That Council:
1. ENDORSES the key focus areas and outcomes for the Chief Executive Officer’s 2019 personal and professional development review as detailed in the performance consultants schedule entitled “Chief Executive Officer, Mr Michael Parker 2018/19 Key Focus Areas”.

2. SCHEDULES the Chief Executive Officer’s personal and professional development review to be commenced by 1 August 2019 and completed by the September 2019 Ordinary Council Meeting.

Officers Reports and Recommendations of Council Committees

Planning and Engineering Services Committee

PD-001/19 Land Excision from R26359 from ‘Public Recreation’ to ‘Emergency Services’ and ‘Road Dedication’

In July 2015, the City completed advertising of a land excision from Reserve 26359 to surrender the northern portion to Racing Wagering Western Australia (RWWA) where it administers the adjoining Reserve 51284.

In keeping with creating a reserve with logical boundaries the land identified north as a ‘Road Reserve’ (Lot 501) is proposed to be absorbed into Reserve 51284. This land excision was referred to the Department of Lands (now Department of  Planning, Lands and Heritage, DPLH) and is yet to be finalised.

In May 2017, Council resolved to support the surrender of the southern portion of Reserve 26359, Mandurah Road, Port Kennedy in favour of DFES for the purpose of a future Career Fire and Rescue Fire Station and Volunteer Hub and Regional Office.


PD-002/19 Tender T18/19-20 – Redevelopment of the City Square and Civic Plaza

In mid 2016, a program was initiated to explore opportunities to redevelop the City Square and CivicPlaza to improve the appearance, functionality, while also addressing the long term maintenance requirements.

Following Council approval in September 2017, the City Square and Civic Plaza project proceeded to detailed design and subsequent tender advertising.

Tender T18/19-20 – Redevelopment of the City Square and Civic Plaza was advertised in the West Australian on Saturday 13 October 2018. The Tender closed at 2.00pm, Wednesday 21 November 2018 and was publicly opened immediately after the closing time. Evaluation of the tenders, in accordance with the advertised assessment criteria revealed that all submissions exceeded the allocated budget and were therefore not assessed further.

While all tenders were submitted on time and at a place specified by invitation, preliminary consideration of the tender submissions revealed that the pricing was more than thirty percent greater than expected and well above the estimate of probable costs (QS).

It is therefore recommended that Council decline to accept all tenders as they do not align with the current funding allocation for the project. It is also recommended that subsequent to the decision of Council, the design requirements be reviewed to reduce the scope, followed by executing a formal quotation process to complete the planned works within budget constraints.


EP-001/19 WALGA Quote W18/19-34 – Supply of Two Tandem Axle Side Loading Refuse Trucks

The City’s plant replacement program identified Volvo 6 wheel side loading refuse trucks registrations RO40 and RO24 for replacement in 2018/2019 financial year. The new tandem axle side loading refuse trucks are to be used for refuse bin collection.

Quote W18/19-34 – Supply of Two Tandem Axle Side Loading Refuse Trucks was sent out via the WALGA E-Quote system on Monday, 1 October 2018. Quotes closed at 2:00pm Wednesday, 17 October 2018. Quotes were sent to the five companies on WALGA’s Preferred Supply for Trucks and Associated Equipment. Submissions were received from three companies. The three companies provided two options for waste compactor bodies for either Bucher Municipal or Superior Pak. The trucks were subjected to mechanical and operator assessments undertaken by suitably qualified and experienced City
officers. Daimler Trucks Perth was unable to provide trucks for assessments.

Following consideration of the submissions in accordance with the quote criteria, Truck Centre WA Pty Ltd and AV Truck Services Pty Ltd demonstrated the capability, capacity and resources to deliver the trucks according to the City’s specification. Since Daimler Trucks Perth was unable to supply trucks for mechanical and operator assessment it scored low in the ‘Performance and Experience’ category and was considered unsuitable for supplying the required trucks. The information provided in the submission received from Truck Centre WA Pty Ltd for the Volvo FE320 fitted with the Superior Pak side loading compactor rated highest in the assessment. The assessment panel considered that the quotation received from Truck Centre WA Pty Ltd, 76 Great Eastern Highway South Guildford, WA 6056, for the supply of two new tandem axle side loading refuse trucks represented the best value to the City and is therefore recommended as the preferred supplier.


Corporate and Community Development Committee

GM-001/19 Annual Meeting of Electors 19 December 2018

The Annual Meeting of Electors was held on 19 December 2018 and in accordance with Section 5.33 of the Local Government Act 1995 all decisions made at an electors’ meeting are to be considered at the next ordinary meeting of Council. With the exception of the decision to receive the 2017-2018 Annual Report (and any procedural motions), there were five motions initiated at the meeting, four of which were carried. These are as follows –

Motion – Herbicide Alternative
That Council (in proper stewardship) that a proper research into the chemicals sprayed on the City’s open space is conducted and that an alternative to keep weeds under control be sourced.

Motion – Resident and Ratepayers Association
That Council:
1. Resolves to make an annual payment, to be reviewed after 5 years, to the West Australian Ratepayers and Residents Association Incorporated (IARN: 1027260D);
2. Such payment to be the same dollar for dollar amount as the subscription fee paid by our Beautiful City of Rockingham to the West Australian Local Government Association (WALGA) in the applicable year; and
3. Authorises the CEO to immediately implement this resolution.

Motion – Local Government Insurance
1. the local government call public tenders for its annual insurance coverage for the next financial year
2. the local government call quotes for and appoint a suitable qualified consultant to assist in the tendering for insurance purposes for the next financial year
3. immediately and without the use of a consultant, the CEO of the local government obtain quotes directly from multiple insurers for its workers compensation insurance cover for the next financial year.

Motion – Rockingham Foreshore Parking
That Council take the following action in relation to the developments in Railway Terrace:
1. immediately change the parking restrictions from “half hour” to “two hours”
2. install appropriate “Disabled Parking Bays” on both sides of Railway Terrace
3. Defer the recommencement of construction works as late as possible into 2019.

Motion – Illegal Short Stay Accommodation
That Council take immediate action against all unregistered and illegal short stay accommodation providers with the City of Rockingham by:
1. employing an additional Compliance Officer to deal specifically with unregistered, short stay accommodation providers
2. place at least a half page advertisement in all local newspapers outlining the Council’s policy, procedures and penalties relating to unregistered short stay accommodation providers
3. institute a registration system for all registered short stay accommodation providers together with supporting documentation
4. commence an advertising campaign including social media supporting registered short stay accommodation providers.

The four motions passed at the Annual Meeting of Electors all have significant implications on the City that need to be investigated. Given the short time period between the meeting of electors and the January 2019 Council meeting, the City is unable to direct resources to investigate the decisions

In accordance with section 5.33 of the Act, where it is not practicable to consider the decisions at the next Council meeting after the electors’ meeting, they need to be considered at the first meeting after that, which in this circumstance is the February 2019 ordinary Council meeting.


CD-001/19 Adoption – City of Rockingham Tertiary Scholarship Scheme Policy

The City of Rockingham Tertiary Scholarship Scheme Council Policy was advertised for public comment for a period of 14 days concluding on Friday 19 December 2018.

The City received three submissions

One of the three public submissions in principle supported the policy, one of the three would like to see inclusion of certificate level qualifications and one enquired as to use of rates to fund the scholarship. Officer’s responses have been included in the table contained within the reports’ details sections.

Officers have further reviewed the draft and the following minor changes and refinements (in red) are proposed:

  • Removal of the term ‘Registered Training Organisation’ in the policy. This term previously appeared once but had no definition. The term has been replaced by other definitions:‘Nationally Recognised Provider’, ‘TAFE’ and ‘VET’.
  • Inclusion of ‘age between 17 and 40 years’ within the definition of ‘Scholarship’. This change will provide clarity for this policy as well as other relevant documentation (Executive Policy, Guidelines etc).

The Policy will provide greater clarity to the community, City officers and RETAC in the administration of the TSS.


Motions of which Previous Notice has been given

PD-003/19 Notice of Motion – Homeless Shelters

“That Council:
1. DIRECTS the CEO to fully investigate potential sites within the City of Rockingham where the City Planning experts deem it would be considered potentially appropriate for homeless shelters to be located.
2. DIRECTS the City then keeps those on a register should serious interested agencies enquire about potential sites.”

PD-004/19 Notice of Motion – Multi-Storey Parking – Waterfront Village

That Council:
1. DIRECTS the CEO to fully explore all options, costings and potential sites for multi storey car parks within the Rockingham foreshore precinct (all options also includes private enterprise options – car park operators)
2. DIRECTS the Chief Executive Officer to present those options to the Full Council before the end of the financial year.

More Information

The complete January Agenda, Reports and Information Bulletins can be found at the City of Rockingham website here, as can the minutes of all previous meetings.

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Tender Awarded for Port Kennedy Skate Park Construction

Tender Awarded for Port Kennedy Skate Park Construction

The City of Rockingham met for its December ordinary Council meeting on Tuesday 18 December, with Council accepting a tender from Advanteering Civil Engineers for the construction of a new skate park at Veterans Memorial Park in Port Kennedy.

An audit of the City’s skate parks conducted in 2015 identified Port Kennedy Skate Park for replacement. The existing skate park will be demolished, and the new space will be built on the same site at Veterans Memorial Park.

In a first for the City the new skate park will combine bowl, street and plaza skate elements. In addition to the skate elements, supporting infrastructure includes half-court basketball, bike racks, water fountains, and shade shelters.

City of Rockingham Mayor Barry Sammels said the new skate park has been designed to cater for all skill levels.

“The new skate park at Veterans Memorial Park in Port Kennedy will be a great venue for skate competitions and events, in addition to being a family friendly recreation space,” Mayor Sammels said.

“When it came to designing the skate park the City carefully considered the thoughts of those most likely to use the new facility.

“Feedback from skate clinics, workshops at local schools, engagement with junior councillors and the community helped to shape the elements that will be included.”

Demolition of the existing skate park will begin in early February 2019, with construction to begin immediately after demolition works are completed.



Bent Street Channel Excavation Works Complete

Bent Street Channel Excavation Works Complete

The City of Rockingham is pleased to announce that sand excavation works on the Bent Street navigation channel have been completed ahead of schedule.

The works, which involved the removal of 10,000 cubic metres of sand, were carried out to ensure the channel is safe for boat users this summer season.

Following the completion of works the marker buoys have been reinstated to their original position to ensure safe navigation for boat users in the channel.

Nearby Carlisle Street boat ramp will also return to full community use on Friday 21 December 2018, after all trucking movements cease and equipment and site fencing is removed from the area.

City of Rockingham Mayor Barry Sammels said the completion of works meant residents would be able to navigate the channel safely throughout the busy summer season.

“The City is pleased to be able to reopen the Carlisle Street boat ramp and full width Bent Street navigation channel for boat users in time for the Christmas and New Year holiday break,” Mayor Sammels said.

“While we understand the inconvenience works may have caused, it was imperative that the excavation was done now to ensure vessels can safely navigate the channel throughout the rest of summer.

“The City thanks boaties and beach users for their patience and understanding during this process.”

Bent Street Channel Excavation Works

Bent Street Channel Excavation Works

The City of Rockingham will begin excavation of the Bent Street Navigation channel this week to ensure it is safe for boat users this summer season, with works expected to continue up until Christmas.

During the works the Bent Street Channel will remain operational, however, there will be no access to the Carlisle Street sand boat ramp due to trucks transporting the excavated material. Alternative boat facilities for recreational boat users are available at Donald Drive.

The City started planning the works immediately after the winter period, when the coastal processes shifting the sand had lessened, and an accurate calculation of the volume of material to be removed could be done to inform the tender process.

The City also had to seek additional approval from the Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions (DBCA) due to the different method selected for excavating the channel. The selected method, using a long reach excavator, reduces the impact on the environment.

While the City understands and apologises for the inconvenience associated with the Carlisle Street boat ramp closure during the crayfish season, it is essential to ensure the safety of workers and beach users. Both Donald Drive and Bent Street boat ramps are open to reduce the inconvenience.

Mayor Barry Sammels said the City and the DBCA had successfully negotiated a sustainable use for the excavated sand from the Bent Street Channel.

“The coastline near Apex Holiday Park has experienced significant erosion over the years so DBCA is keen to use the excavated material from Bent Street to protect the shoreline,” Mayor Sammels said.

“Excavated sand will initially be stockpiled to dry, adjacent to the Point Peron beach, until early 2019. White sand from the Point Peron sand trap will then be placed on top of the excavated material to improve the visual appeal of the beach.”

Environmental testing has confirmed that there are no concerns in reusing the excavated material.

More information on the works is available on the City’s project page.

Baldivis District Sporting Complex Master Plan Presentation

Baldivis District Sporting Complex Master Plan Presentation

The Baldivis District Sporting Complex is an upcoming project from the City of Rockingham that will allow the City to meet a significant shortage of active reserve space in Baldivis for present and future sporting groups.

To be located on Eighty Road, opposite Kendall Boulevard, the complex will provide about eight hectares of open space, two pavilions, an indoor recreation centre, 18 outdoor hardcourts, a nature playground and a youth space.

On 16 October, residents across the City will get the chance to learn more about the complex during a community presentation on the project’s master plan, which will be delivered at the Mary Davies Library and Community Centre.

Running from 6.30pm to 7.30pm, the information session will give residents an in depth look at the aims, objectives and key outcomes of the exciting project, as well as the extensive work the City has undertaken to inform the master plan.

City of Rockingham Mayor Barry Sammels said the development of the complex would deliver a range of sporting and social benefits to clubs across the City.

“The Baldivis District Sporting Complex will be a fantastic addition to the community and we encourage residents to attend the community presentation to see what this exciting project is all about,” Mayor Sammels said.

“Once complete the Baldivis District Sporting Complex will play a key role in the long term health and wellbeing of the community and will also provide important recreation and social opportunities for many years to come.”

In addition to the community presentation, the master plan will also be available for public comment from 10 – 31 October.
The master plan will be available on the City’s Share Your Thoughts webpage.

Mayor Sammels said the draft master plan had been developed to maximise the opportunity to preserve the strong environmental values at the site.

“Under the draft master plan, 62% of all native vegetation and 65% of trees with hollows will be protected,” he said.

“A large portion of black cockatoo foraging habitat will be retained and the City will also plant about 90 native trees at the complex.

“The City will also implement a Fauna Relocation Management Plan prior to work starting on site.”

RSVPs to the presentation are essential and can be made by phoning the City on 9528 0333 or via email to



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