Andy’s July 2019 Cape Peron Announcement

Andy’s July 2019 Cape Peron Announcement

If you’d like to share your thoughts on what should be happening our at Cape Peron, please get in touch.

You can email me, give me a call, leave a comment below, send me a letter, stop me in the street or send a carrier pigeon, doesn’t matter how you do it, just get in touch!



Video Transcription:

All right guys, I’ve come up to Point Peron,  even though it’s starting to get a little bit late and it’s getting a bit cold up here, because I’ve got a bit of an announcement that I’m really really excited about. 

At the Council meeting earlier this month we had the opportunity to elect someone or nominate someone to be part of the State Government’s Planning Investigation Area Working Party.  Which basically is the body that’s going to come together with representatives from the City of Rockingham, the Department of Planning Land and Heritage, Department of Tourism, Department of Jobs etc, all coming together to decide what’s going to happen with the future of Point Peron. 

Now at the end of the day it’ll still be the ministers and the Premier and those types of people that make the decisions because as much as all of this sits within the City of Rockingham it’s still State Government land. 

But as someone who’s grown up here in Rockingham, as someone who used to watch Ship To Shore that was filmed here, as someone who used to love coming here as a kid spending time climbing over the cliffs and playing on the beaches and all that kind of stuff, I am really really excited to announce that earlier this week the Council nominated me to be the person that sits on that working party. 

As someone who wants to see Cape Peron be kept as “Rottnest on the Mainland” or the “Kings Park of the South”, I’m really, really, excited to be able to be part of that process. 

I’ll be working hard to work to make sure that we keep Cape Peron as the natural landscape that it is. 

So what I’d like to see is things like Eco-Based tourism attractions, things like maybe a low impact caravan park on the site that used to have a caravan park years and years ago, snorkelling, kayaking, walk trails, interpretive signage, all of that type of stuff. With a big focus that the number one priority is keeping the Bush Forever sites and the A Class Reserves as A Class Reserves and Bush Forever sites. 

Now it’s going to be a long process because – as I’ve learnt in the last two years – everything to do with Government is a long, drawn out process, but I’m going to be making sure everyone is kept aware of what’s going on and I’m going to be getting your feedback as often as I can. 

So this is my call out, my request,  I’m not a hard person to find, I tell everybody my mobile number and my email address, what I want is to hear from you as much as possible because at the end of the day Cape Peron – or Point Person, whatever you call it doesn’t really matter – This area, in my opinion belongs, to us all and the future Cape Peron that I would like to see is pretty much just the way it is now,  just with a little bit of extra. 

A few extra facilities, because there’s nothing worse than getting all the way out here and needing to pee.


Rockingham in the Spotlight for Perth Tourists

Rockingham in the Spotlight for Perth Tourists

Perth tourists will be encouraged to make the short trip to Rockingham and see firsthand where the coast comes to life when the region is promoted at the Western Australia Visitor Centre throughout April.

The month-long promotion features local tourist providers, visitor information and stunning imagery to promote Rockingham as a tourist destination.

Rockingham Visitor Centre, Quest Rockingham, Shoalwater Executive Homes, Rockingham Wild Encounters, Lakeview Suites, Jet Pack and Jet Ski Tours, and WASUP stand up paddle boards are among those involved.

“This is a great example of local businesses working together with the City’s support to promote our region,” Mayor Sammels said. “It is a fantastic opportunity to tempt tourists in Perth to come and see for themselves our breathtaking coastline, marine wildlife and adventure experiences.”

The Western Australia Visitor Centre promotion is part of a wider strategy by the City to boost tourism in the region, which the community has identified as one of its aspirations for the City’s Strategic Community Plan (2019-2029).

Mayor Barry Sammels said it was one of many ways the City was promoting Rockingham as Western Australia’s premium coastal opportunity.

“Just in the past few months we have hosted visits from Chinese film producers, increased our presence on local radio, television and social media, and promoted Rockingham at travel fairs in Singapore and Malaysia,” Mayor Sammels said.

“It’s all part of a bigger plan to attract more visitors to Rockingham that is outlined in our draft Rockingham Tourist Destination Strategy (2019-2024), which is now out for public comment.”

To read more about the draft Rockingham Tourist Destination Strategy (2019-2024) visit the City’s Share Your Thoughts page.

The Western Australia Visitor Centre is located at 55 William Street, Perth.



Free Documentary Screening – Rubber Jellyfish – Hosted by Cr Andy Burns & Lisa Hills of Boycott Balloons Fremantle

Free Documentary Screening – Rubber Jellyfish – Hosted by Cr Andy Burns & Lisa Hills of Boycott Balloons Fremantle

In support of the Councils proposed policy banning the use of single use plastics and helium balloons, I’ve partnered with Lisa Hills of Boycott Balloons Fremantle to bring this feature length documentary to Rockingham.
Where: Naragebup Environmental Centre, Safety Bay Road.
When: Tuesday 9th April, Doors open 7pm.
Cost: Free.
We all know that throwing rubbish on the ground is littering, so why is letting a balloon float away seen as something different? Rubber Jellyfish is a feature-length documentary that explores the effects of helium balloons on the environment, wildlife and human beings. Mum-to-be Carly Wilson sets out on a personal journey to meet key players on all sides in the fight to ban balloons, and exposes the confronting truth behind our favourite party product. As she travels around Australia seeking to understand the science and various points of view, Carly discovers a range of issues, from the heartbreaking impact on sea turtles to the potentially deadly effect of helium on children. Her journey takes her from littered beaches to the capital, as she speaks to activists, businesses, and politicians to find out why the balloon problem is being ignored and if something can be done.
The proposed Council Policy is open for public consultation till April 10th, so come along to the documentary screening, learn about the issue and then make your voice heard. When more people take the time to make their voice heard, the Council is able to better represent the communities views.
Hope to see you there.



Autumn Centre Continues Positive Growth

Autumn Centre Continues Positive Growth

The success of the City of Rockingham Autumn Centre has continued to grow, with results from the latest survey indicating members at the facility are delighted with improvements made over the past 18 months.

The Autumn Centre is located on McNicholl Street in Rockingham and offers an active and social environment for people over the age of 50 to pursue personal interests and create support networks. It is also open to people with disability over the age of 18 accompanied by a carer.

A survey of members is conducted at the centre every year to assess the overall level of happiness at the centre. The survey determines what is working and what can be improved for members.

A total of 1667 printed surveys were sent to members in March 2019, with 431 members responding, giving a response rate of 26 per cent.

City of Rockingham Mayor Barry Sammels thanked the members of the Autumn Centre for sharing their thoughts.

“The Autumn Centre is a valuable community resource and the City appreciates the feedback our members give us,” Mayor Sammels said.

“It’s fantastic to see that people are increasingly happier with the Autumn Centre. While it is great to receive positive news, we won’t be resting on our laurels. We will continue to work on all of the constructive feedback we have received to make the centre even better going forward.

“For example, we have already taken on board the feedback received about queues at the administration office and will shortly be undertaking renovations to add an extra customer service position in the foyer to improve our ability to serve members quickly.”

The Autumn Centre has gone from strength-to-strength and recently passed a record-breaking 1800 members.

“It is an exciting time at the Autumn Centre and there has never been a better time to become a member. I urge all seniors who are considering getting involved to come down and experience the centre firsthand.”

Members who are interested in discussing the results of the survey will be able to chat with Autumn Centre staff during a free members morning tea from 10am on Friday 5 April 2019.

Draft Tourist Destination Strategy Open for Public Comment

Draft Tourist Destination Strategy Open for Public Comment

The City of Rockingham Council endorsed the draft Tourist Destination Strategy (2019 – 2024) at its ordinary meeting on Tuesday 26 March 2019, with the strategy now open for public comment.

The Tourist Destination Strategy establishes the City’s strategic direction and priorities for marketing the Rockingham region to tourists. Its key objective is to effectively and measurably promote Rockingham as Western Australia’s premium coastal destination.

The strategy stems from the City’s Strategic Community Plan (2019–2029) which identified actively pursuing tourism and economic development as one of our community’s aspirations. It has been developed after extensive consultation with the local community, businesses and industry experts.

In February 2018 the City established the Tourism Strategy Development Advisory Group (TSDAG) which consists of representatives from local businesses, Destination Perth, Tourism WA, the Perth Convention Bureau , Rockingham Kwinana Chamber of Commerce, Tourism Rockingham, the Rockingham Visitor Centre, the Department of Biodiversity Conservation and Attractions, and Councillor Andy Burns.

Local residents and the business community also contributed their ideas on how to best promote Rockingham to the rest of the world during a series of Community Plan workshops help throughout 2018. The City also conducted a community survey and held a business workshop in association with the Rockingham Kwinana Chamber of Commerce.

The new strategy identifies and prioritises five key strategic elements to actively pursuing tourism:

  1. Destination marketing (targeting eco and adventure tourism)
  2. Visitor servicing (face-to-face and digital)
  3. Coastal development and activation
  4. Events activation (entertainment destination)
  5. Mid-tier MICE attraction (meetings, incentives, conferences and events)

City of Rockingham Deputy Mayor Deb Hamblin said the Tourist Destination Strategy would be central to the success of boosting tourism in Rockingham.

“Rockingham is the place where the coast comes to life and we are blessed to have an abundance of fantastic environmental assets including breathtaking coastline, stunning wildlife and exciting ecoadventures right on our doorstep,” Deputy Mayor Hamblin said.

“The Tourist Destination Strategy outlines a robust plan of action that will empower the City to take advantage of these assets and become WA’s premier coastal destination – as a place to visit, live and invest in.

“I encourage residents to visit the City’s website and make a submission on the strategy via the Share Your Thoughts page.”

The draft Tourist Destination Strategy will be open for public comment until Wednesday 24 April 2019. Residents can make a submission on the strategy on Share your thoughts.



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