City of Rockingham Mayor Barry Sammels took part in a meeting this morning to discuss the future of the kangaroos at Paramount Estate, Baldivis.

The meeting, chaired by Baldivis MLA Reece Whitby, brought together representatives from the Minister for Environment’s Office, the Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions (DBCA), the local developer Spatial Property Group and the City of Rockingham.

A primary outcome of the meeting was that the kangaroos will not be culled and that the developer will work with DBCA to facilitate relocation of the kangaroos.

The DBCA has asked that residents do not provide food and water to the kangaroos as it may cause nutritional imbalances, increase the spread of disease and inhibit the process of relocation.

Mayor Sammels said: “While residents may have the best intentions, providing food and water to the kangaroos can lead to a reliance on humans that could ultimately jeopardise their long term prospects once they are relocated.”

The DBCA advised that the 70 hectare site was able to sustain the current kangaroo population and the developer has also set up troughs in an area away from Baldivis Road to ensure access to water.

It was noted that given there is a lack of scientific literature around kangaroo relocation this also presented an opportunity to undertake research in conjunction with DBCA to inform the success of future programs and better understand the impact on kangaroos.

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