The City of Rockingham’s “Are you making it tougher for crooks?” Community Safety Starts With You campaign has reached a new milestone, with a range of public awareness initiatives rolling out across the community.

The campaign, which started in December 2017 as a joint operation between the City, local businesses and the WA Police Community Engagement Division, is now more visible than ever thanks to a series of advertisements on Transperth buses and radio commercials.

Nearly 30 advertisements are appearing on buses running from Mandurah through Rockingham to Fremantle, and will continue to do so until December 2018.Police and the mayor alongside a bus carrying the tougher on crooks advertisement.

A community safety message will also hit the airwaves regularly on 97.3 Coast FM from November to December.

City of Rockingham Mayor Barry Sammels said the campaign would help educate the community on the best ways to reduce opportunities for crime.

“Research shows that most crimes are committed because an opportunity was created for an individual to commit a criminal act,” Mayor Sammels said.

“While the majority of measures the community needs to take to prevent crime are quite simple, they can have a significant impact on whether or not crime takes place.

“Common sense things like locking doors and removing all valuables from your car are vital to ensuring crooks find it tougher to commit crime.

“WA Police work hard to catch criminals but it’s important to remember that community safety starts with you.”

Volunteers from the City’s Neighbours Unite initiative are also conducting letterbox deliveries of postcards that carry important tips on crime prevention.

“The approaching summer period poses a greater crime risk to home and business owners, so we encourage residents to remain vigilant and report suspicious activity to police,” Mayor Sammels said.

“If the community works together we will all be safer and criminals will have a much tougher time.”

The City also gratefully acknowledges the support of a WA Police grant in helping deliver the
“Are you making it tougher for crooks?” Community Safety Starts With You campaign.

Visit Making it tougher on crooks for more information and tips on making your home, car and community safer.



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