New data has revealed the City of Rockingham’s three bin collection system is having a positive environmental impact, with the City nearly doubling its recovery rate in the past year.

In mid-2017 the City upgraded its waste collection service to include recycling, waste and green waste bins, with about 50,000 residential properties involved in the roll-out. The three bins the City uses.

The latest figures indicate that since making the change to the three bin system, the City has improved its recovery rate from 24% to 47%, meaning nearly double the amount of waste is avoiding landfill.

City of Rockingham Mayor Barry Sammels thanked the community for their involvement in making the three bin system a success.

“The rollout of the three bin system has played a substantial role in our community improving the way it disposes of waste,” Mayor Sammels said.

“By nearly doubling our recovery rate we have kept nearly 26,000 tonnes of recyclable or compostable material out of landfill.

“The State Government has set a recovery rate target of 65% by 2020 so it is vital we continue to sort our waste into the right bins.”

Correct disposal of recycling and green waste helps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions while the green waste that was originally sent to landfill is now being captured for mulching.

The roll-out of the three bin system was highlighted by an increase in the size of the recycling bin to 360 litres and a new 240 litre green waste bin.

The City also received substantial funding for the three bin system through the State Government’s Better Bins Program.

Visit rubbish and recycling services for more information on the City’s waste management services.



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