Community Workshops

One of the major documents that guides almost everything the City of Rockingham does is the Strategic Community Plan, a full PDF copy of which can be found here.

The community were involved in helping to shape the plan through attending community engagement workshops that were run by a professional facilitator, sharing what they feel should be the focus for Council for the next 10 years.

7000 residents were chosen at random and sent an invitation to attend the first workshop in 2014. Approximately 250 responded and have taken part in six workshops since. In addition to those a number of local community groups were also invited to send a representative.

The final workshop was held earlier tonight.

The major areas of importance identified during tonight’s workshop were – in no particular order – Our Coast, Tourism, Transport, Protecting our Environment, Community, Youth, Employment and Infrastructure.

The biggest talking point at the last workshop – which was held a few years ago – was how to tackle the ‘Boganham’ reputation. That didn’t even get a mention tonight, so I take that as a sign the City is moving in the right direction.

Vision for the Future

As part of the Strategic Community Plan, the City developed the Vision for the Future which states than by 2030 our City will:

  • be recognised and admired as a contemporary and vibrant regional destination, renowned for its thriving City Centre and Waterfront Village, natural beauty and world class coastal and marine environments,
  • enjoy a safe, relaxed and friendly tourism lifestyle, underpinned by a diverse range of community facilities, services and cultural activities all linked with a world class public transport system,
  • prosper from significant investment and employment opportunities, created by a diverse and robust economic base including retail, services, tourism, education, defence, horticulture and light and heavy industrial activity,
  • acknowledge that the climate is changing, continue to reduce its carbon footprint and the generation of waste, and manage and use its land and marine environments in a manner that preserves them for future generations,
  • be home to a proud, welcoming and inclusive community that understands, respects and preserves its unique sense of purpose and place.

What’s your thoughts? Have a read through the Strategic Community Plan 2015 – 2025 and share your thoughts below.



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