I attended my first official RoadWise Advisory Committee last night. (I’ve attended a few in the past standing in for another Councillor, but last night was my first time as an official member of the committee).

RoadWise is a state government initiative. It was founded in 1994 and works with Local Governments and the community to support the implementation of Towards Zero, the road safety strategy for WA 2008-2020.

Three levels of coordination (State, Regional and Local) make up the operational framework for road safety in Western Australia.

The RoadWise Program is supported by the Road Safety Council of WA and is funded through the Road Trauma Trust Account; which is made up of the speed and red light camera fines received in WA and the State Road Funds to Local Government Agreement sourced from WA vehicle licensing fees.

Local Governments have an important role to play in road safety as owners and managers of an extensive road network representing 88% of WA roads. Almost two thirds of serious crashes occur on local roads, therefore Local Governments have a significant responsibility for ensuring their roads are safe.

WALGA’s RoadWise Program works to build the capacity of Local Governments, the community, and other agencies to effectively deliver road safety initiatives aligned to Towards Zero.

Building capacity is achieved by improving individual skills, strengthening community action and empowering organisations to take responsibility for road safety and contribute to better road safety outcomes.

Attending these types of meetings is one of the best parts of my role as a Councillor. The enthusiasm and dedication of the community members that give up their time to help make our communities safer is to be commended. If you recognize any of the names below, please take the time to thank them for their hard work next time you see them.

Rockingham RoadWise Advisory Committee is made up of the following members;

Community Representatives;

  • Mrs Arlene Yates,
  • Mr Bob Cooper,
  • Mr Richard Bryant,
  • Mrs Sally Low,
  • Mr Tony Gale and,
  • Mr William Ashman.

along with;

  • Mrs Engel Prendergast – Senior Road Safety Consultant, WA Local Government Association
  • Sgt Bob Bateman – WA Police
  • Ms Tania Gigg – School Drug Education and Road Aware
  • Mr Sam Assaad – Director Engineering and Parks Service, City of Rockingham
  • Mr Manoj Barua – Manager Engineering Services, City of Rockingham
  • Mr Mary-Jane Rigby – Manager Community Support and Safety Services
  • Mr Ryan Gibson – Coordinator Planning and Design, City of Rockingham
  • Miss Morgan Ward – Business Support Officer, City of Rockingham


Council Representative……. me!


RoadWise Updates

  • Please Slow Down Consider Our Kids bin stickers are being distributed by volunteers to households around key areas such as local primary schools.
  • Road Safety Action Plan – This is being updates and reviewed by city staff at the moment.
  • Volunteers from RoadWise will be manning a display at the Secret Harbour Surf Life Saving SAFE Expo on September 16th. Come along, say hi and learn about road safety.
  • RoadWise Crash Trailer is about town and works well to increase public awareness of the serious consequences that result from a lack of road safety awareness.
  • Volunteers from RoadWise will be out at a local school in the near future promoting Safe Travel To School.
  • As of September 2nd there’s been 107 deaths on WA Roads. A slight increase over last year, but still part of an improving trend.
  • Main Roads is currently reviewing the administrative classification assessment process used to advise whether a road should be designated as a state of Local Government Road. The proposed approach will be presented at the upcoming Regional Road Group meetings for comment and feedback from Local Governments.




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