The City of Rockingham is home to many species of reptiles and snakes that are set to become more active as the warmer weather approaches.

As reptiles rely on sunlight for warmth, residents may see them sunbaking on roads, footpaths and open areas in the coming weeks.

They are also set to cover greater distances than usual as they look for a partner during mating season.

City of Rockingham Mayor Barry Sammels said snakes were vital to a healthy eco-system but encouraged people to be cautious of them in particular areas.

“While people should be cautious and aware of snakes there is no need to feel threatened or frightened by them as having them around indicates an area is naturally balanced,” Mayor Sammels said.

“Some snakes such as the dugite and tiger snake are venomous. Residents are advised not to pick up or handle any type of snake regardless of what species it may be.

“Most incidents with snakes occur through accidental contact so if you are walking in areas of longer grass, bushland areas or even the City’s foreshore reserves please be aware that snakes and reptiles will be active at this time of year.

“Maintaining vegetation and grasses around your home will give them less cover to hide and reduce the chances of accidental contact.”

Residents are urged to take particular care with off-leash pets and are reminded that it is illegal to kill reptiles or snakes.

Snakes will most likely retreat to safety before they are spotted. However, if an encounter occurs residents should watch from a distance and move away with caution.

If snakes or reptiles are posing a nuisance to residents within private property then they can contact the Wildcare Helpline on 9474 9055, in order to be referred to a suitably experienced snake handler.

Snakes sighted on reserves managed by the City of Rockingham can be reported on 9528 0333.



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