City Of Rockingham residents are encouraged to be on the lookout in their mailboxes for pop-up community events that are happening near them in 2019.

The City’s pop-up community events are held in selected parks and reserves with a focus on helping residents connect with each other, the wide range of services, activities, events and programs that the City offers.

Pop-up community events are held on an invitation-only basis for residents that live within a 300m radius of a chosen park. Invitations are sent out in the post to residents in the weeks leading up to the event.

In 2019 residents can look forward to events that connect them with local community groups and service providers. There will also be opportunities to learn more about a range of City services such as SmartWatch, LitterBusters, Waste Services, Pop-Up Libraries and community programs offering recreation and support.

Mayor Barry Sammels said the City’s pop-up community events were a fantastic way for people to make new connections with their neighbours and important City services.

City of Rockingham Pop-Up Park Event

“The City’s pop-up community events are popular occasions with anywhere between 150 to 300 people regularly attending,” Mayor Sammels said.

“By keeping the events small we are able to foster a real sense of community spirit among participants. Invited guests have the opportunity to enjoy a sausage sizzle, soft serve ice cream and a warm cuppa’ in a welcoming environment.

“I strongly encourage residents who receive an invitation in the mail to take part in their local pop-up community event.”

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