The future of Cape Peron, an area of state-owned coastal land in the north-west of the City of Rockingham, is a matter very close to the hearts of people throughout the local community and surrounding areas.

The decision by the State Government to not proceed with the Mangles Bay Marina proposal, which was planned to occupy a significant portion of Cape Peron, has raised questions about the long-term use of this area.

Mayor Barry Sammels said “The City believes the entire Cape Peron peninsular must be planned as one entity to ensure integrated outcomes, however, as the numerous land holdings on the Cape are almost entirely owned and/or managed by the State, the City can only play an advocacy role in planning for the area’s future use.”

In July and August 2018 Council supported approaching State Government departments to urgently establish a transparent and collaborative consultation process to determine the best and most sustainable long-term future use and management of Cape Peron that aligns with the City’s Community Strategic Aspirations for Environment and Tourism.

Council also supported the Cape Peron Reserve being transferred to Class A following the process to determine future use.

Mayor Sammels said “The City has actively pursued its advocacy role in the future of Cape Peron and has approached key people in the government departments and agencies with a stake in the Cape’s future use.”

“The City looks forward to supporting the process through which the outcomes for Cape Peron are determined.”



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