The City of Rockingham is pleased to announce that a new management guide to assist Volunteer Involving Organisations is now available.

Volunteer Involving Organisations (VIOs) are clubs, groups and organisations that are managed and run by volunteers within the community. They include sporting clubs, resident associations, parents and citizens groups, and community groups, both incorporated and unincorporated.

The VIO Management Guide has been developed specifically to support these organisations and the hardworking volunteers within them.

In the guide volunteers can learn about planning and goal setting, successful committees, marketing, promotion and communication, fundraising, sponsorship and grants, and more about getting to know their local government.

City of Rockingham Mayor Barry Sammels said the VIO Management Guide would play an important role in helping VIOs fulfill their potential.

“Volunteers are a vital part of our community and they all play a key role in helping to manage and run the clubs, groups and organisations that so many residents are a part of,” Mayor Sammels said.

“Healthy, successful VIOs are generally those that are proactive, organised, communicate regularly, have structured policies and procedures, and more importantly, value and reward their volunteers and members.

“The City’s VIO Management Guide will help VIOs establish a framework that gives them the best possible chance of success, so I encourage all volunteers in the community to read the guide and try to apply the tools at their own club, group or organisation.”

To view the full VIO Management Guide visit ClubLink.



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