The treasured thoughts and memories of seniors from across the City of Rockingham are now available to read in all four of the City’s libraries, after a special book titled Memories: An Anthology was published.

The 110 page book was created during a series of eight memory writing workshops that the City held for seniors between October and December 2018.

These workshops were facilitated by the Rockingham Writers Centre and taught participants new skills and knowledge that equipped them to be able to reminisce, record and write parts of their life story. Extracts of the work were then compiled by the Rockingham Writers Centre and published in the book.

City of Rockingham Mayor Barry Sammels said the book gave participants the chance to articulate their life story in a moving way that their families and the community could learn from.

“Seniors are the heart and memory of our community and it’s vital that their stories are told so younger generations can learn from them,” Mayor Sammels said.

“This book is a beautifully produced piece of work that details the priceless memories from the long time residents that helped build Rockingham into the place it is today.

“We are fortunate to be able to read and learn about their lives in this unique publication and I encourage all residents to visit the City’s libraries and a grab a copy.”

Visit one of the City’s four libraries for a copy of Memories: An Anthology, or read an electronic copy.


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