The City of Rockingham was delighted to welcome delegates from major Chinese media company, Truly Sense Media, as they embarked on a tour across Rockingham to explore potential filming locations.

Truly Sense Media, which is a production subsidiary of Shanghai Synacast Media Tech Co, sent 14 high profile delegates to scout different spots within the City that could become locations for filming major productions in the future. Synacast, widely known as PPTV, is China’s leading streaming platform with more than 300 million subscribers.

During the visit to Rockingham on Friday 1 March the delegates were joined by Deputy Mayor Deb Hamblin, City of Rockingham and Rockingham Visitor Centre staff.

As part of their trip they departed from Mersey Point in Shoalwater for a guided tour of Penguin Island and the Shoalwater Islands Marine Park. The delegation then received a walk-through of the Rockingham Beach Foreshore Revitalisation before enjoying lunch at the foreshore.

Deputy Mayor Deb Hamblin said the visit from Truly Sense Media represented a real opportunity to boost tourism in the City.

“The arrival of the delegation from Truly Sense Media is a fantastic opportunity to highlight the breathtaking coastline, stunning wildlife and exciting ecoadventures our City is known for,” Deputy Mayor Hamblin said.

“Their visit follows on from recent filming in Rockingham for the mega-popular Chinese reality TV show Viva La Romance, which will be screened to an estimated 1.6 billion viewers across Asia.

“Rockingham truly is the place where the coast comes to life and the latest visit from Truly Sense Media demonstrates there is a growing desire in China to explore the abundance of stunning environmental assets we have.

“Looking ahead, the City is also currently in the process of developing its Tourist Destination Strategy. Once complete this strategy will continue to drive tourism and interest in our City.”

The visit from Truly Sense Media was coordinated with assistance from WA production company Legend Media Group.



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