The City of Rockingham’s LitterBusters have been hard at work following recent storms, with teams collecting rubbish from the City’s main waterways in order to protect vital environmental asset Lake Richmond.

A series of stormy weather systems lashing the City, coupled with isolated instances of illegal dumping, have seen large amounts of debris and rubbish become lodged in the City’s drainage systems.

From shopping trolleys to single use shopping bags, tennis balls, witches hats, washing baskets and plastics, the City’s LitterBusters teams have worked hard to eliminate as much pollution as possible from waterways and drains.

City of Rockingham Mayor Barry Sammels praised the LitterBusters team for their hard work following recent storm events.

“The City’s LitterBusters play a vital role in helping to keep our community as tidy as possible,” Mayor Sammels said.

“In recent weeks the City has seen a number of strong weather events, with heavy winds and rain pushing loose bits of debris into nearby drains.

“The bad weather, along with a very small minority of people who continue to illegally dump materials into the drains, can cause major issues for the City’s waterways.

“Ultimately our aim is to stop this pollution from reaching the main runoff point, which is Lake Richmond.”

In the City of Rockingham there are three main drain systems that channel water into Lake Richmond.

Water Corporation is responsible for managing the drains while the City of Rockingham is responsible for cleaning the litter surrounding the drainage infrastructure.

“While our LitterBusters continue to do all they can to keep our streets, parks and drains clean, we encourage the community to be mindful of the impacts of littering and illegal dumping,” Mayor Sammels said.

“By correctly disposing of our rubbish we can ensure that the City and its wonderful environmental areas like Lake Richmond remain in pristine condition for future generations.”

Mayor Sammels also confirmed the City and Water Corporation were investigating the potential for drainage nets to be used in the City’s drainage systems, which could capture waste before it is discharged into the City’s nature reserves.

For more information visit LitterBusters or download the LitterBusters app on Google Play or the App Store.



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