The City of Rockingham has started planning for the enhancement of the Safety Bay and Shoalwater foreshore. Residents are encouraged to have their say in this process through a survey about coastal values.

Initial planning for the enhancement of the Safety Bay and Shoalwater foreshore will be undertaken through the development of a master plan, which will provide a vision for the foreshore for the next 20 to 30 years.

The Master Plan will show how the foreshore will evolve, and will be used as the basis for more detailed planning and funding decisions. It will identify opportunities for enhancing access to, and the usability of, the foreshore and beach, and for improving facilities and amenities. It will not attempt to directly resolve matters outside its area of influence such as marine water quality or ongoing beach management practices.

City of Rockingham Mayor Barry Sammels said consultation with the community was an important part of developing the Safety Bay Shoalwater Foreshore Master Plan.

“Early input from the community through the coastal values survey will help the development of the Master Plan, so I encourage all residents to take part in the coastal values survey,” Mayor Sammels said.

“The focus of the master plan project will be to enhance the foreshore experience for the local and wider community, while also aiming to leverage the area’s unique attributes to attract more opportunities for tourism.

The survey will be open until Monday 18 March 2019. It can be completed online via Share Your Thoughts.

Residents can also stay informed throughout the project by signing up to Rock Port and selecting ‘Safety Bay Shoalwater Foreshore Master Plan’ as a topic of interest.

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