Fancy yourself as a budding author? Well put pen to paper – or fingers to keyboard – and let your creativity flow.

The City of Rockingham Short Fiction Awards are now open. All stories must be related in some fashion to the artwork “Two Children at Beach” by Delon Govender.

Terms and conditions are available on the City of Rockingham website 

As a Councillor, I’m not able to enter, which is probably just as well given my best attempt.

Once upon a time, two kids went to the beach while on holiday overseas. They loved going to the beach. As residents of the coastal city of Rockingham, they’d basically grown up there. This time it was different though. The beach was over crowded, the water wasn’t crystal clear and there was a fair bit of litter on the sand. “Dad”, they said, “Next time, can we just stay home? The beach is better there”

There are a number of categories and entries are open till 13th July, 2018. The entry form can be found here.

Good Luck!

1st prize: $1000
2nd prize: $500
3rd prize: $300
Two commendations of $100

Over 50s
1st prize: $1000
2nd prize: $500
3rd prize: $500
Two commendations of $100

Young Writers (10 to 17)
1st prize: $700
2nd prize: $400
3rd prize: $200



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