The City of Rockingham hosted an emergency management ‘Local Recovery’ exercise alongside the cities of Kwinana and Mandurah on May 23, with all three cities getting the chance to collaborate and test their capability in the face of a potential disaster.

Held in partnership with the West Australian Local Government Association, the disaster scenario in this instance was based on a cyclone that had travelled down the WA coastline and made landfall over the south metropolitan area.

As part of the scenario major bushfires had also occurred during the freak weather event, significantly increasing the level and nature of damage to the community.

City of Rockingham Mayor Barry Sammels praised the cities for their efforts in the exercise and said the City would be ready and willing to offer assistance to its neighbours should the instance ever arise in real life.

“The exercise was focused on the ‘post response’ period where each of the local government areas had suffered catastrophic damage,” Mayor Sammels said.

“Each local government activated and tested their plans to support emergency affected communities.

“There was a particular emphasis on mutual cooperation between neighbouring local governments.”

Both City of Kwinana Mayor Carol Adams and City of Mandurah Mayor Rhys Williams attended the exercise as did respective chief executive officers Joanne Abbiss, Mark Newman and City of Rockingham acting CEO Bob Jeans.

The development and facilitation of the exercise was funded through the All West Australians Responding to Emergencies (AWARE) Grants Program.

The Office of Emergency Management and the Department of Fire and Emergency Services were also involved in the exercise.


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