The City of Rockingham is pleased to announce that sand excavation works on the Bent Street navigation channel have been completed ahead of schedule.

The works, which involved the removal of 10,000 cubic metres of sand, were carried out to ensure the channel is safe for boat users this summer season.

Following the completion of works the marker buoys have been reinstated to their original position to ensure safe navigation for boat users in the channel.

Nearby Carlisle Street boat ramp will also return to full community use on Friday 21 December 2018, after all trucking movements cease and equipment and site fencing is removed from the area.

City of Rockingham Mayor Barry Sammels said the completion of works meant residents would be able to navigate the channel safely throughout the busy summer season.

“The City is pleased to be able to reopen the Carlisle Street boat ramp and full width Bent Street navigation channel for boat users in time for the Christmas and New Year holiday break,” Mayor Sammels said.

“While we understand the inconvenience works may have caused, it was imperative that the excavation was done now to ensure vessels can safely navigate the channel throughout the rest of summer.

“The City thanks boaties and beach users for their patience and understanding during this process.”

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