The master plan for the City of Rockingham’s Baldivis District Sporting Complex project was officially endorsed at the Council meeting on Tuesday 18 December.

The Baldivis District Sporting Complex, which will be located on Eighty Road, opposite Kendall Boulevard, will allow the City to meet a significant shortage of active reserve space in Baldivis for present and future sporting groups.

Detailed design of the civil works for the project will immediately begin following Council’s endorsement of the master plan.

In the long term, the Baldivis District Sporting Complex will provide about eight hectares of open space, two pavilions, 18 outdoor hardcourts, a nature playground, youth space and an indoor recreation centre.

Under the master plan for the project, the City will preserve the strong environmental values at the site. Sixty-two per cent of all native vegetation and 65 per cent of trees with nesting hollows will be protected.

In addition, the City will plant about 90 native trees at the complex while a large portion of black cockatoo foraging habitat will also be retained.

City of Rockingham Mayor Barry Sammels said the development of the Baldivis District Sporting Complex would deliver a tangible boost to sporting organisations across the City.

“The Baldivis District Sporting Complex will play a vital role in the long term health and wellbeing of our community,” Mayor Sammels said.

“The sporting and social benefits the complex will deliver to residents will be huge, with a wide range of clubs able to take advantage of the facilities.

“Importantly, the master plan for the Baldivis Sporting District Complex also retains much of the beautiful environment that surrounds the site.”

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