If you’d like to share your thoughts on what should be happening our at Cape Peron, please get in touch.

You can email me, give me a call, leave a comment below, send me a letter, stop me in the street or send a carrier pigeon, doesn’t matter how you do it, just get in touch!



Video Transcription:

All right guys, I’ve come up to Point Peron,  even though it’s starting to get a little bit late and it’s getting a bit cold up here, because I’ve got a bit of an announcement that I’m really really excited about. 

At the Council meeting earlier this month we had the opportunity to elect someone or nominate someone to be part of the State Government’s Planning Investigation Area Working Party.  Which basically is the body that’s going to come together with representatives from the City of Rockingham, the Department of Planning Land and Heritage, Department of Tourism, Department of Jobs etc, all coming together to decide what’s going to happen with the future of Point Peron. 

Now at the end of the day it’ll still be the ministers and the Premier and those types of people that make the decisions because as much as all of this sits within the City of Rockingham it’s still State Government land. 

But as someone who’s grown up here in Rockingham, as someone who used to watch Ship To Shore that was filmed here, as someone who used to love coming here as a kid spending time climbing over the cliffs and playing on the beaches and all that kind of stuff, I am really really excited to announce that earlier this week the Council nominated me to be the person that sits on that working party. 

As someone who wants to see Cape Peron be kept as “Rottnest on the Mainland” or the “Kings Park of the South”, I’m really, really, excited to be able to be part of that process. 

I’ll be working hard to work to make sure that we keep Cape Peron as the natural landscape that it is. 

So what I’d like to see is things like Eco-Based tourism attractions, things like maybe a low impact caravan park on the site that used to have a caravan park years and years ago, snorkelling, kayaking, walk trails, interpretive signage, all of that type of stuff. With a big focus that the number one priority is keeping the Bush Forever sites and the A Class Reserves as A Class Reserves and Bush Forever sites. 

Now it’s going to be a long process because – as I’ve learnt in the last two years – everything to do with Government is a long, drawn out process, but I’m going to be making sure everyone is kept aware of what’s going on and I’m going to be getting your feedback as often as I can. 

So this is my call out, my request,  I’m not a hard person to find, I tell everybody my mobile number and my email address, what I want is to hear from you as much as possible because at the end of the day Cape Peron – or Point Person, whatever you call it doesn’t really matter – This area, in my opinion belongs, to us all and the future Cape Peron that I would like to see is pretty much just the way it is now,  just with a little bit of extra. 

A few extra facilities, because there’s nothing worse than getting all the way out here and needing to pee.


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