It was another interesting Council Meeting last week, with decisions made that will effect every resident within the City of Rockingham. The full Council Meeting Agenda and Minutes are available online. For a quick summary of the meeting, please read on…


Public Questions

  • Mr James Mumme asked questions about a potential Coastal Park and planning for future generations, specifically with regards to Cape Peron.
  • Mr Tom Mannion asked questions with regards to the seaweed along the Safety Bay beaches, specifically the City’s response to the production of Hydrogen Sulphide as it rots.
  • Mr Peter Green asked questions about Cape Peron, specifically with regards to the difference between the areas zoned as a Reserve and those zoned as Port Installations.
  • Mr Reese Whitby MLA tabled a petition from residents of Baldivis with regards to parking at the local primary school.
    • On a personal note, I thought this was a bit odd. Both the primary and secondary schools are state owned, put in that location by a decision of the state, the provision of parking for the school grounds is a state issue and Mr Whitby is a member of the state legislative assembly. I don’t understand why he came to the City with the issue, but I’ll wait for the Mayors official response with anticipation.
  • Mrs Val Ashman asked questions with regards to the parking issues as mentioned above.
  • Mr Peter Campbell asked questions about the Ako Sister City Delegation.


Confidential Items

There were three confidential items discussed;


CS-007/18 Approval of building purchase under delegated authority to the CEO

The Council voted in favour of this item. This means the CEO has the authority to negotiate the purchase of a particular piece of real estate within the City of Rockingham. More details to follow in due course.


CD-011/18 Recommendation from the Cultural Advisory Committee Meeting held on 18 April 2018

The Council voted in favour of this and as a result an official invite will be sent to Mr Jake Moanoroa and Mr Jeff Burge, welcoming them to the Cultural Advisory Committee


CD-012/18 Recommendation from the Disability Access and Inclusion Advisory Committee Meeting held on 11 April 2018

The Council voted in favour of this item and as a result an official invite will be sent to Mr Gareth Goodway and Ms Jane Davies, welcoming them to the Disability Access and Inclusion Advisory Committee


Audit Committee


AC-002/18 State Records Act – Councillor Compliance

The Council voted in favour of this item. As you’d expect, record keeping for the purposes of transparency is vital for every local government. All internal City correspondence is recorded, but because Councillors use their own personal email addresses, there is concern that some things may not be captured by the record keeping system.

That said, each Councillor is already required to submit all relevant correspondence to the Records Dept. Personally, I’ve always thought it odd that Councillors weren’t provided with an email address. Our internal auditor has made some recommendations that are now being implemented.


Planning and Engineering Services Committee


PD-015/18 Participation in the Cities Power Partnership

The Cities Power Partnership (CPP) is a free national program run by Climate Council Australia that engages with local governments across Australia to encourage environmental sustainability initiatives and provide a platform for collaboration. The CPP is Australia’s largest sustainability program aimed at local governments. It was launched in July 2017 and currently has 70 member Councils, including the Cities of Fremantle, Melville, Armadale and Kwinana in Western Australia.

The Council voted in favour.


PD-016/18 Final Approval of Scheme Amendment No.171 – Cash-in-Lieu of Carparking in the Primary Centre – Waterfront Village Zone

The intent of the Scheme Amendment is to clarify the wording of Clause of TPS2 to appropriately reflect the City’s intentions for the calculation of Cash-in-Lieu parking payments to be based on a multi-decked car parking structure. The City’s Planning Policy No.3.2.5 – Development Policy Plan – Waterfront Village Sector (PP3.2.5) nominates locations in the Waterfront Village where multi-decked car parks may be constructed. The nominated sites for public car parks are depicted on the ‘Indicative Development Plan’, within PP3.2.5, as having potential for multi-level decked car parks.

The Council Voted in favour. This simply serves to simplify some of the existing policies regarding the future construction of a multi-story car park somewhere along the Rockingham Foreshore. The full report, including details of all public submissions are available in the Agenda, page 26.


PD-017/18 Proposed Street Naming Theme – ‘Paramount Estate’

This is the second time this has come to Council for consideration. In February 2018, Council resolved to support a street naming theme for the Estate based on ‘Paramount Studios Films and Actors’. An application was submitted to the Geographic Names Team for its assessment and final approval, who provided a response that the proposed names were unable to be accepted due to being non-compliant with its Policies and Standards.

As a result the owners of this sub-division are back with a new naming theme, one which should be a lot less controversial. Inspired by the Australian landscape, the new street naming theme for the Paramount Private Estate is based on ‘Australian Peaks and Ranges’ The important influence of Australia’s terrain is reflected though a selection of names ranging from the tallest mountains to lesser-known peaks in Western Australia and across the nation. Importantly, the theme provides a contrast to generally applied names relating to locally significant wildlife or historical persons, all of which have been used extensively throughout the City.

The Council Voted in favour


Corporate and Community Development Committee


CS-008/18 May 2018 Budget Review

The City of Rockingham undertakes budget reviews to monitor its financial performance against the annual budget and to review projections to the end of the financial year. This review also determines which projects will be carried over to the next budget cycle, namely the 2018/2019 Budget. Three budget reviews are presented in the year: September 2017, February 2018 and May 2018. Any variations to the annual budget arising from the review process are presented for Council’s consideration and authorisation.

The May 2018 Budget Review includes details of transactions during the July 2017 – April 2018 period and adjustments and carry forwards required to the annual budget. The document includes the following information:
1. Summary of Budget Position
2. Summary of Major Budget Amendments
3. Summary of Projects Carried Forward
4. Summary Statement of Operating and Non-operating Revenue and Expenditure by Department

The Council voted in favour


CS-009/18 City Business Plan 2018/2019 to 2027/2028

The City of Rockingham’s Business Plan provides a 10-year financial overview of the City’s operations. Pursuant to the Council Policy – Strategic Development Framework, the City’s Business Plan must be reviewed and adopted by Council in November and May each financial year. The last version of the City Business Plan was adopted at the November 2017 Council meeting.

The May 2018 version of the City Business Plan meets the City’s statutory requirements of the Local Government Act 1995. The City Business Plan provides allocations of financial resources to ensure that the key strategic objectives of the City are achieved. It also ensures that resources exist to safeguard standard operating functions, and ensure funding allocations are provided so capital construction programs may occur.

Of major interest to the City is its ability to finance the construction of new facilities. The project timetable for this, as demonstrated in the Business Plan, is:

The above table represents a start date only and should be read in context with the key assumptions contained in the Business Plan document and Community Infrastructure Plan (CIP). These dates may change depending on the accuracy of these assumptions

The Council voted in favour


CS-010/18 Rating Methodology – 2018/2019 Financial Year

The City’s Business Plan that has been adopted indicates the level of rates needed to service current and future City requirements. This plan provided detailed financial information for the City which gave clarity to rate changes needed. The City Business Plan indicated the need to generate $87.23 million in rates in the 2018/2019 financial year. The new yield from all rates for the 2018/2019 year is projected to be some $86.27 million. This does not include interim rates which are anticipated to make up any shortfall when compared against the Business Plan requirements. All money from rates is used across a wide array of services.

Setting the rates for the next 12 months is one of the biggest decisions a Council has to make. It’s also one of the most contentious. A number of Councillors had different idea’s as to what the rates should be, some higher, some lower. After a great deal of debate I’m pleased to say the Council voted in favour of the officers recommendation of 3.6%

The full report is available in the agenda. Page 130


CD-013/18 Draft Cultural Development and the Arts Strategy 2018-2022

The Community Development Network (CDN) established in Melbourne in 2000 to support the role of culture in local development distinguish ‘Arts’ and ‘Cultural development’ as being separate from each other. The network argues that the development of culture is the purpose of the work with the arts being the activity: “We distinguish arts from culture, with the two not being interchangeable, but art being a manifestation of culture. Through the arts we can express ourselves and therefore make, or manifest, our culture.” From the City’s perspective this involves the provision of arts and cultural experiences, events, and skills development in order to assist the people of Rockingham to create a culturally active, aware and diverse community. The process to develop the draft CDATA Strategy has included reviewing the actions and key elements from the previous CDATA Strategy 2013-2016, reviewing relevant literature, and undertaking extensive consultation and engagement with the community. This consultation identified a number of issues including:

  • A stronger Arts and Culture network locally
  • Further activation of Arts centre
  • Recognition of Aboriginal culture
  • Public Art Strategy – ongoing curation, increased presence and promotion
  • Focus on inclusivity and diversity
  • Consistent program of events and exhibitions

The Council voted in favour


CD-014/17 Castaways Sculpture Awards

The City’s Castaways Sculpture Awards project has been presented to the community annually for the past ten years. Initially presented each year in May, the date was changed three years ago to October to take advantage of better weather. That change involved an 18 month gap in the presentation of Castaways without any negative impacts. The Awards have grown in both stature and popularity across the years, with evaluations illustrating attendance annually of around 17,000 – 20,000 people across the week. People attend from across the City, as well as the greater Perth metropolitan area with a significant investment of funds in the food and beverage economy locally. The addition of a schools based competition entitled UpCycle has proved popular with both the schools and the community generally with 12 schools engaged in 2017.

Castaways is usually staged on the grass areas and beach directly in front of the restaurants and Peace Pavillion area. This provides a beautiful iconic location, which already attracts the community and visitors. It provides another opportunity for people already in this area, as well as attracting people specifically to the area to the benefit of local business.

Due to the Rockingham Beach Foreshore Revitalisation project due to begin in June 2018, Castaways will not be able to be staged in this area in October 2018. As such, Officers had recommended within the Draft Cultural Development and the Arts Strategy 2018 – 2022 that Castaways not be presented in October 2018. Councillors at the 10 April 2018 Councillor Engagement Session expressed concern regarding this and indicated their preference that it be staged in May 2019 instead at an alternate location. Given the iconic nature of the event, the discussions of the recent Councillor Engagement Session, and the foreshore revitalisation project commencing in 2018, City officers thought it prudent to obtain a resolution from Council regarding the timing of the next Castaways event.

It’s a shame the Castaways has to be put on hold for 2018, but once the Rockingham Foreshore Redevelopment is complete, it will be back, bigger and better than ever. The Council voted in favour


Motions From Councillors

These are all important topics, and I’ll be providing a summary of each of them, in more detail over the next few days.


Cr Joy Stewart – PD-022/18 Notice of Motion – Cape Peron

The Council voted to defer this issue to next months Council Meeting


Cr Andrew Burns – GM-012/18 Notice of Motion – Mayoral Civic Duties

The Council voted against


Cr Matthew Whitfield – GM-013/18 Notice of Motion – Live-streaming Council Meetings

The Council voted in favour


Cr Barry Sammels – CD-015/18 Notice of Motion – Rockingham Volunteer Sea Rescue Group

The Council voted in favour


For More Information

As always, all meeting Agendas, Reports, Bulletins and Minutes are available at the City of Rockingham Website here.


Next Council Meeting

The next Ordinary Council Meeting for the City of Rockingham will be held on Tuesday 26 June 2018 at 6:00pm in the Council Chambers, Civic Boulevard, Rockingham.



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