The April Council meeting will be held this Tuesday at 6:00pm. For those who are interested in the reading the whole Agenda, the Bulletins and the Reports, you’ll find them all on the City’s website. The link is at the bottom of this post. If you’d prefer a summary of the main items, read on…..


Endorsement and acceptance of the Local Government Compliance Audit for 2017

The purpose of the audit is to show that Council has met its statutory obligations under the various provisions of the Local Government Act 1995 and other relevant Acts and Regulations.


Adoption of the Municipal Heritage Inventory and Heritage List Review

There are a number of heritage listed sites around Rockingham. The review seeks to update the level of significance for existing existing sites, and the proposal of new sites to be considered Heritage Listed.
17 new sites are proposed, including the former Rockingham Fire Station on Hefron Street, the former Sorrento Guest House on Safety Bay Road, Baldivis Reserve, and the East Rockingham Heritage Precinct.
For those who are interested in the history of Rockingham, there’s a great deal of info in the Municipal Heritage Inventory Report.


Proposed closure of a Pedestrian Access Way in Waikiki.

The City received an application from 14 property owners seeking to close the Pedestrian Access Way in their street, claiming anti-social behaviour as their main justification. As a result the City officers conducted a survey of 658 properties with a 400 metre radius of the Pedestrian Access Way, and studied the potential impact of closing it.


Consideration of Tenders – Construction of the Baldivis South Community Centre.

The Baldivis South Community Centre will include various functional spaces, accessible to community groups and organisations’ through the City’s internal booking process. The Community Centre will be a one storey multi-use community facility, comprising a 150m² multipurpose hall, two activity rooms suited to playgroup / crèche type activities including a fenced outdoor play area, kitchen, counselling and consulting rooms, toilets, air-conditioning and a 59 bay carpark at the rear of the site, plus six car bays at the front including two disabled bays. The construction cost is expected to be around $2.9 million.
The tender was advertised earlier this year and received a number of submissions. The City’s experts have assessed the tenders and have made a recommendation for the Council to consider.


Consideration of Tenders – Construction of the Rockingham Beach Foreshore Revitalisation.

The works to be carried out at Rockingham Beach Foreshore represent a number of challenges for the City. It is a complex project and highly visible. There are three sections to the works: reconfiguration of Railway Terrace to make it more pedestrian friendly; the Beach Plaza as a series of pedestrianised events spaces; and an expanded and upgraded Boardwalk. The budget for this project is approximately $11.5 million.
The tender was advertised earlier this year and received a number of submissions. The City’s experts have assessed the tenders and have made a recommendation for the Council to consider.


Approval of the Proposed 2018/2019 Fees and Charges

The fees and charges the City collects are heavily regulated by the Local Government Act 1995. They cover a variety of issues from Building Applications to Library Late Fees. When establishing the fees and charges the City takes into consideration the cost of providing the service or goods, the importance of the service or goods to the community, and the price at which the service or goods could be provided by an alternative provider. A complete breakdown is available in the Reports.


Tourism Strategy Development Advisory Group. (TSDAG)

The purpose of the TSDAG is to provide local industry perspectives and expert advice during the development of Rockingham’s tourism strategy. Since being established in March, the group has had one meeting. As a result of changes at Tourism Rockingham, the Council need to endorse the inclusion of a new member.


Point Peron Coastal Park

Unfortunately this is something that won’t be discussed this month as Cr Summers withdrew her Notice of Motion at the Planning and Engineering Service Committee meeting held on Monday 16 April. Personally, I’m disappointed as I’ve always been an outspoken supporter of keeping Point Peron as a natural Eco-Tourism location and was looking forward to discussing Cr Summers proposal. It’s a difficult situation for the City because the majority of the land is owned by the State Government, however I believe the Council should be doing as much as it can to ensure the protection Point Peron.


Revocation Motion – Community Grants Program

This is a technical governance issue raised recently by Cr Downham. The Community Grants Program was updated at the January 2018 Council meeting, but much of the discussion and information sessions were held prior to the last election. Cr Downham’s position, that I support, is that the newly elected Councillors – myself and Cr Jones – were asked to vote on an issue without full access to the information. This motion seeks to bring the topic back for full consideration.


Official Offroad Motorbike Area within the City boundaries.

Apart from designated competition venues, there are currently six sites within Western Australia that allow unlicensed and non-regulated bikes to be ridden in specially designated off-road vehicle areas. These are; Gnangara – Gnangara Road, Kwinana – Thomas Road, Lancelin – Ledge Point, Pinjar – near Barbagallo Raceway, York, and Karratha. The Council will be discussing whether or not to direct the City to identify opportunities of an off road bike site within the City of Rockingham.

For links to the Agenda, Bulletins and Reports, visit the City of Rockingham Website



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