The harmonious sounds of the Ako Children’s Choir will grace Rockingham Centre on Thursday 28 March 2019 from 5.30pm and City of Rockingham residents are invited to attend the special performance.

The choir, which is visiting from Rockingham’s sister-city Ako, will be performing a number of songs in both English and Japanese during the free concert. The choir of 18 children is led by one choir master and is being supported by five parents and schoolteachers from Ako.

Both the cities of Rockingham and Ako have been involved in a mutually beneficial sister-city relationship for 22 years. In previous years delegations from Australia and Japan have travelled to visit each other, engaging in a number of meetings to learn more about each other’s cultures and how they operate as local governments.The Ako Children’s Choir performing.

Mayor Barry Sammels encouraged residents to attend the free performance from the Ako Children’s Choir at Rockingham Centre.

“The cities of Rockingham and Ako have a longstanding friendship that dates back to 1997 and we are delighted to welcome the Ako Children’s Choir once again,” Mayor Sammels said.

“Each opportunity that we have to make contact with our friends from Ako is a special occasion that allows us to share cultural and educational knowledge.

“The visit from the Ako Children’s Choir this year will be marked by a special performance at Rockingham Centre and I encourage all residents to attend the concert to learn more about our sister-city friends from Ako.”

The Ako Children’s Choir last visited Rockingham in March 2016. Their visit three years later marks the eighth occasion the choir from Japan has visited Rockingham.



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