Earlier this month the Gary Holland Centre hosted representatives from a a wide range of government agencies, charities and non-profit groups for the 2018 Rockingham Kwinana Family & Domestic Violence Forum.

The marathon five hour meeting began with a presentations from the panel of local service providers, followed by sessions on key areas by industry experts.

A key point that was made by nearly every speaker was that while it appears we are going backwards because the statistics show an increase in the number of domestic violence incidents. What is actually happening is that the number of unreported incidents are decreasing.

It appears that incidents of domestic violence aren’t happening more frequently, the community is just getting better at reporting it when it happens.

That said, Sergeant Amanda Ahearn from the WA Police Victim Support Service, said they’re receiving 20-30 reports of domestic violence every night.

Family and domestic violence is still a huge issue in our community, but there are a large number of community groups that are working hard to combat this issue.


South Coastal Health and Community Services

South Coastal Health and Community Services was founded 25 years ago to support the physical and mental health needs of women, families and the unique, diverse communities in the Cities of Rockingham, Kwinana and surrounding areas.

Since its humble beginnings, they have grown in size and have gained a respectable reputation in the south coastal corridor of Perth through a professional, friendly team who are hopeful and bring their best.

They provide health and psychological services for women, children and the family.

Some specific areas of service are:

  • Emotional Health Counselling Services
  • Perinatal Mental Health Counselling Services
  • Family and Domestic Violence Counselling Services
  • Women’s Health Services – Female GP’s and Nurses
  • Self-Support Groups
  • Crèche Services for clients attending appointments
  • Aboriginal Health Services including antenatal, child health, primary health and advocacy services.

Visiting services to the Life-Links Hub include:

  • Sexual Assault Referral Centre (SARC)
  • Breast Cancer Awareness
  • Silver Chain
  • Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services
  • Cancer Council

Contact South Coastal Health and Community Services here.


Communicare Breathing Space

In June 2003, the Communicare Breathing Space program, the first residential Family and Domestic Violence men’s behaviour change program in the southern hemisphere, commenced operations as an alternative to removing women and children from their family home.

The therapeutic community provides men with approximately three months of accommodation while they undertake an intensive therapeutic program including group work, individual counselling and case management in their behaviour change journey.

The Communicare Breathing Space program provides:

  • Opportunities for men to reflect and be accountable for their behaviour and the choices they have made.
  • A structured program which supports men’s learning, offers alternatives and assists men in understanding and taking responsibility for their violence, anger and abuse.
  • An environment where access to information assists men to develop positive strategies to resolve their difficulties.
  • Referrals and links to services that meet the needs of each individual participant.
  • An extended support service, counselling and assistance post the completion of the three month program for sustained behaviour change.

The Communicare Breathing Space program is funded by the Government of Western Australia Department of Communities.

Contact Communicare Breathing Space here


Child Protection & Family Services

Child Protection and Family Support protects and cares for Western Australian children and young people who are in need, and supports families and individuals who are at risk or in crisis.

They work proactively with families to build safety around children, and prevent the need for children to enter the out-of-home-care system. They also support children and young people who are in out-of-home care to thrive by working with community sector organisations and foster carers to provide them with a safe, stable environment.

They provide and fund a range of child safety and family support services throughout the state including mandatory reporting investigations and training, Working with Children Checks, fostering and adoption services, counselling and outreach programs, crisis accommodation, homelessness services, and emergency services support.

Contact Child Protection & Family Services here.


Where to find more info

The City of Rockingham keeps an up to date list of all community support services that can be found here and a list of services available specifically for issues of family and domestic violence here.


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