The City of Rockingham has continued to receive positive ratings from customers, with feedback from residents in the 2018 Customer Satisfaction Survey resulting in a rating of 4 out 5 for the third year in a row.

The Customer Satisfaction Survey is one of the primary tools used to measure the performance of facilities and services offered by the City.

This year the City distributed survey invitations to 4,000 randomly selected households, with 2,000 sent by post and 2,000 by email. 549 completed surveys were returned, representing a return rate of nearly 14 per cent.

In addition to being asked to rate the City’s services and facilities, customers were also invited to provide comments on any other topics they felt were pressing issues.

Over 80 per cent of residents indicated they were most impressed with the City’s libraries, parks, gardens and picnic areas, rubbish collection and recycling. 75 per cent of respondents also thought the City dealt with customer interactions either “well” or “very well”.

Key focus areas where customers indicated they would like to see improvement include attracting investment and supporting business, youth programs and facilities, community safety programs, public toilets, and dog and cat management.

Mayor Barry Sammels thanked the community for taking the time to share their views with the City.

“The Customer Satisfaction Survey is an important tool that assists the City in improving services and identifying areas where we can do better,” Mayor Sammels said.

“Our City is evolving rapidly, so it is important residents share their thoughts with us. The outcomes from the Customer Satisfaction Survey will help us in our decision making and I thank everyone for taking the time to participate.”

Read more about the results of the 2018 Customer Satisfaction Survey here.

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