July Summary

July has been another huge month with lot’s happening around Rockingham, including the 40th anniversary of the commissioning of HMAS Stirling, the Rockingham Foreshore Revitalisation commencing, a shake-up and restructure for the WA Police in our district and the opening of The Harbour All Abilities Playground in Secret Harbour.

A full list of all the meeting’s I’ve attended can be found here – Andy’s Meeting & Event Attendance

Interesting point I noticed when updating the list; 207 official meetings since joining Council on October 23, which represents 193 work days. More than 1 appointment each and every work day, not bad for what’s supposed to be a part-time gig.

July’s Highlights

The Harbour Playground Opening

The Harbour All Abilities Playground opened on Friday 6th July with a massive crowd in attendance. Located on the Secret Harbour Foreshore, construction on The Harbour Playground began in November 2017 and was completed in late June 2018. The project was an action in the City’s Disability Access and Inclusion Strategy.

The Harbour Playground

Coffee With Your Councillor – Cooloongup

Coffee with Your Councillor is my way of making sure those who want to have their voice heard can do so in person. Each fortnight Goldilocks Coffee Van and I set up in a quiet location somewhere in Rockingham, and host anyone who’d like to join us.

Coffee With Your Councillor

The first 20 coffees are on me and it’s always a great to hear direct from those in the local area. So far I’ve been in Woodbridge, Cooloongup and Hillman.

To find out when the next one is being held, make sure to follow me on Facebook: Andrew Burns – City of Rockingham Councillor


‘Global-Nuk’ Grandmother Sun Art Exhibition Opening

The exhibition showed the different learning values and artistic diversity passed down to their grandchildren, Justin and Biara, from two grandmothers of different tribal origins, Joan Martin (dec.) of the Widi people from the mid-west of Western Australia, and Theresa Walley of the Wadjak people from the south west of Western Australia.

Those who attend official City of Rockingham events would be familiar with Theresa as she conducts the ‘Welcome To Country’ at most of them.


Meet and Greet with Local Police Force

The City hosted a number of senior police officers from the local district as part of the ongoing relationship between the City and WA Police.

Topics of discussion included the new policing model and restructure that sees Baldivis being serviced by the Rockingham Station instead of Kwinana, hooning on our streets, the work being done to tackle domestic violence, and a new initiative being set up by one of the Rockingham Sergeant’s that aims to tackle disengaged and at-risk youth.Rockingham Council - WA Police Meeting


City of Rockingham Ordinary Council Meeting

The City of Rockingham Ordinary Council meeting was held on the 24th July in front of a larger than normal audience. The official minutes can be found on the City’s website here.

Highlights include: public question time, changes to parking time limits in and around Syren Street and Central Promenade, Ward Boundaries and Councillor Representation Review, The Community Grants Program, the draft Community Plan, and fairly heated debate over the merits of the City Chronicle.


H.M.A.S. Stirling 40th Anniversary Official Ceremony and Ceremonial Sunset

Growing up in Rockingham, Garden Island and the Navy base was always shrouded in mystery, so it was a huge honor to be invited to be part of the 40th Anniversary of the Commissioning of the navy base in 1978.

Those in attendance included the WA Premier Mark McGowan, the Governor of WA Kim Beazley, all past commanding officers of HMAS Stirling, current commanding officer Captain Brian Delamont, and Chief of Navy Australia, Vice Admiral Michael Noonan.

Exciting news from Capt Delamont is the anticipated expansion of the number of navy personnel based on Garden Island by around 25% in the coming years.

On a side note: I need to learn how to smile without looking like a smug git.


July was another great month for the City of Rockingham, as always there’s some bumps along the way, but overall the outlook is positive and I, for one, am excited for the coming months.


Rockingham Foreshore Revitalisation Underway

Rockingham Foreshore Revitalisation Underway

Stage one of the Rockingham Beach Foreshore Revitalisation is set to start today, after the City of Rockingham signed a construction agreement with civil engineering contractor Ertech.

This first stage of the Rockingham Beach Foreshore Revitalisation project comprises three key areas: Railway Terrace, the Beach Plaza and The Boardwalk.

Works will be carried out along the full length of Railway Terrace and along the Boardwalk to Val Street until 7 December 2018, when construction will cease during the busy summer period.

The site will be open to the public over the summer school holidays, with construction due to recommence on 18 February 2019.

City of Rockingham Mayor Barry Sammels said the Rockingham Beach Foreshore Revitalisation would breathe new life into the area.

“The Rockingham Beach Foreshore Revitalisation will change the face of the foreshore precinct as we know it,” Mayor Sammels said.

“While there will be some slight inconveniences during construction, an improved foreshore will benefit both locals and visitors well into the future, becoming a place that is recognised on a local, state and national level.

“It will also enable local businesses to capitalise on the unique features of this iconic location and leverage its increasing popularity into even greater success.”

On Railway Terrace parking will be modified to improve safety, with a new streetscape, artwork and trees all going in. The changes will create more opportunities for alfresco dining and allow for an improved pedestrian experience.

The Railway Terrace horseshoe carpark will be closed from Monday 30 July and will be transformed into the Beach Plaza – an exciting pedestrian and events space which connects the City and the sea. The Beach Plaza will become a focal point for major events and celebrations and will be a place for people to be active, explore or relax.

Parking on the remainder of Railway Terrace will be unavailable from Monday 6 August until the end of November 2018, with a focus to be placed on the major engineering works prior to the summer shutdown.

Meanwhile, The Boardwalk will be expanded and modified to allow for more alfresco dining, better movement of pedestrians and to provide a better connection to the foreshore’s unique north facing beach.

Despite the works, Mayor Sammels said it would be business as usual at the foreshore.

“Over the summer holidays the City will still be hosting its much loved New Year’s Eve and Australia Day events as usual with the Christmas Lights and Festival being held at Flinders Lane,” he said.

“Businesses will remain open throughout, with pedestrian access also to be maintained around the foreshore.”

Stage one of the Rockingham Beach Foreshore Revitalisation is expected to be completed by September 2019.

To receive all the latest information on the project, sign up to Rock Port and select “New Infrastructure Projects” as an interest.

Some important things to be aware of:

The Railway Terrace (Horseshoe carpark) will be closed permanently from Monday 30 July 2018.

A Site Office will be installed at Churchill Park west.

Railway Terrace between Rockingham Beach Road and Kent Street will be temporarily closed from Monday 6 August to Friday 30 November 2018.

Bus 555 terminus stop will move to Kent Street.

Alternate parking options are available at:

Village Green

Museum Carpark (corner Kent Street/Flinders Lane)

Rockingham Beach Road

Flinders Lane & Wanliss Street carparks.

Public Works Update July 30th

Public Works Update July 30th


Nairn Drive – Blaxland Terrace to Cottonwood Drive Second carriageway construction

Works are continuing with the second carriageway constructed to asphalt stage. Motorists should be aware that traffic conditions will change regularly due to remaining works to be undertaken and that construction traffic will regularly access the worksite from the existing carriageway. Traffic management will be in place at all times to guide motorists through the worksite. Anticipated completion for entire project is late September 2018.


White Hart Lane Reserve – Drainage retaining wall

Due to recent heavy rains the retaining wall has been undermined. An exclusion zone has been established and the site will undergo structural review. A completion date is dependent on required remediation works.



City Park – Lighting pole and luminaire replacement

During this period there will be power outages and light excavation machinery in the park. Residents and visitors are advised to proceed with caution.


Rockingham Beach Foreshore Revitalisation Stage One

All businesses will remain open and pedestrian access will be maintained


Beach – Val Street to Churchill Park West – Shore Works

An exclusion zone will be established from Monday 6 August to 7 December 2018.


Boardwalk – Val Street to Railway Terrace

An exclusion zone will be established from Monday 6 August to 7 December 2018.


Churchill Park West – Site Office

The construction Site Office will be setup in this area from Monday 30 July to 7 December 2018.


Kent Street / Parkin Street / Patterson Road / Railway Terrace – Intersection modification

Traffic management will be in place from Monday 6 August through until late November 2018. Motorists, cyclists and pedestrians are advised to proceed with caution through the worksite.


Railway Terrace – Rockingham Beach Rd to Kent Street – Temporary closure

This road will be closed to through traffic from Monday 6 August to Friday 30 November 2018.


Railway Terrace Horseshoe Carpark – Closure

This carpark will be closed on Monday 30 July 2018. Access for residents will be maintained at all times.




SmartWatch Service Keeping City Safe

SmartWatch Service Keeping City Safe

The City of Rockingham’s community safety patrol service SmartWatch was busy patrolling local roads throughout the July school holidays.

The vehicle surveillance team are the eyes on the street and proactively conduct high visibility vehicle patrols of the district.

The service is available to the Rockingham Community from 12pm to 4am daily 365 days per year.

The City’s SmartWatch service sees up to six patrol cars on the road at any given time, with a strong focus on visibility and targeted deterrence actions that play a vital role in keeping the community safe.

City of Rockingham Mayor Barry Sammels said residents could contact SmartWatch to report and monitor instances of anti-social behaviour, hooning, neighbourhood disturbances, vandalism, graffiti and suspicious behaviour and activity.

“Rockingham SmartWatch is a vital service when it comes to keeping our City safe,” Mayor Sammels said.

“Each SmartWatch vehicle is equipped with four high definition CCTV cameras that have a 360- degree view of the area surrounding the vehicle.

“The cameras are constantly recording and WA Police can access any of the recorded footage remotely.

“In what is an exciting first for any Local Government in WA, police have the capability to livestream footage from SmartWatch vehicles directly to the Rockingham Police Station.

“This collaborative approach with WA Police has been instrumental in the prosecution of offenders, and increased local knowledge.”

In addition to regular patrol patterns, SmartWatch takes community patrol requests from residents who may be concerned about specific areas, as well as holiday watch patrols for residents who will be away from home due to travel or work.

SmartWatch monitors illegal dumping, passing on vital information to City rangers and LitterBusters for further investigation.

During the summer months, SmartWatch vehicles perform regular patrols of bushfire hotspots, keeping an eye out for any suspicious activities such as smoke, fire or suspicious behaviour.

For more information on SmartWatch visit www.rockingham.wa.gov.au or contact 9528 0333.

Note: SmartWatch is NOT a police service. It is a vehicle based patrol service but does not intervene. Residents reporting a life-threatening or emergency situation need to contact 000. Anyone observing a crime in progress that requires police attendance is also required to call 131444 before contacting SmartWatch.

Andy’s Council Meeting Agenda Summary – July 2018

Andy’s Council Meeting Agenda Summary – July 2018

The next Council Meeting is being held tomorrow night, at 6pm. The full agenda, reports and all bulletins are available to download and review, as always at the City of Rockingham website. The link is at the end of this article. If you’d like a quick summary, please read on.


Officers Reports and Recommendations of Council Committees


Planning and Engineering Services Committee


PD-031/18 Proposed Parking Controls – Central Promenade, Rockingham & PD-032/18 Proposed Parking Controls – Syren Street, Rockingham

Both of these cover proposed changes to parking time limits. The first relates to a small number of bays on Central Promenade outside the new Icon Cancer Treatment Centre, and the second is on Syren Street outside the chemist.

Both locations are proposed to change to 15 min parking, to encourage their use as drop off / pick up points. There are 1400 other parking bays, without time restrictions within a 5 minute walk of this location.

More information can be found starting at page 8 of the Agenda.


PD-033/18 Proposed Amendments to Planning Policy 3.1.2 – Local Commercial Strategy – Parkland Heights Neighbourhood Centre

A proposed amendment to the City’s Planning Policy 3.1.2 – Local Commercial Strategy (LCS), to facilitate the development of a Neighbourhood Centre in the Parkland Heights Estate, comprising up to 10,000m2 of retail floor area.

More information can be found starting at page 20 of the Agenda.


PD-034/18 Proposed Amendment to Structure Plan – Lot 1507 Eighty Road, Baldivis

A proposed amendment to the approved Parkland Heights Structure Plan (PHSP) over Lot 9010 Sixty Eight Road (the residual balance of the original land holding Lot 1507 Eighty Road), Baldivis.

More information can be found starting at page 50 of the Agenda.


PD-035/18 Proposed Road Closure – Portions of Folly Road, Baldivis

A proposal to consider proceeding with a minor road closure for two sections of Folly Road, Baldivis, to enable its amalgamation with Public Open Space and create a Pedestrian Access Way (PAW).

More information can be found starting at page 73 of the Agenda.


PD-036/18 Final Adoption – Planning Policy No.3.3.7 – Display Home Centres

To consider the adoption of the amended Planning Policy No.3.3.7 – Display Home Centres (PP3.3.7).

PP3.3.7 sets out the development requirements for Display Home Centres in residential estates in terms of locational criteria, car parking, signage, vehicular access, lighting and rehabilitation of land following cessation of the Display Home Centre.

More information can be found starting at page 80 of the Agenda.


PD-037/18 Proposed Founders’ Memorial Modifications – Rockingham Beach Foreshore Revitalisation

An application seeking Development Approval for modifications to the Founders’ Memorial on Railway Terrace.

The Founders’ Memorial was constructed in 1979 to commemorate the founders of Rockingham and previously housed a time capsule, which was opened in 2001.

In May 2017, the Heritage Reference Group (HRG) considered the proposed relocation of the Founders’ Memorial, Dato Anchor, Milled Jarrah Log and Captain Stirling Landing Memorial Stone in accordance with the City’s Foreshore redevelopment works and a Heritage Impact Statement prepared by the City’s Heritage Advisor.

More information can be found starting at page 85 of the Agenda.


Corporate and Community Development Committee


CS-014/18 Material Variance Level for the 2018/2019 Statements of Financial Activity

The City is required to prepare a Statement of Financial Activity for each month which includes, in part, details of the budgeted and actual revenue/expenditure to the end of the relevant month and “material” variances between the budget and actual. Each year, Council is required to adopt the level considered “material” for the purposes of reporting these variances. From 2009/2010 until 2017/2018 the adopted material variance level has been $250,000.

More information can be found starting at page 92 of the Agenda.


GM-019/18 Draft Community Plan Vision, Community Aspirations and Strategic Objectives (2019 – 2029)

To seek Council endorsement of the draft Community Plan Vision, Community Aspirations and Strategic Objectives (2019 – 2029) for the purposes of community consultation.

The City of Rockingham Strategic Community Plan (2015-2025) was adopted by Council on 21 November 2014, and met all the requirements that are stipulated in the Local Government Act 1995. The Act requires a full review of the Strategic Community Plan four (4) years from when it is adopted.

The development of the City of Rockingham Strategic Community Plan (2019-2029) is a result of this requirement. The City held a series of “Planning for the future” workshops and conducted surveys to determine from the community what their vision and aspirations were for the City for the next 10-20 years.

From the inputs received, the draft Community Plan Vision, Community Aspirations and Strategic Objectives for the City’s Strategic Community Plan (2019-2029) were developed.

The workshops and surveys were held over a period of four months, from February 2018 to May 2018.

More information can be found starting at page 95 of the Agenda.


GM-020/18 Advocacy Position Register Review

A review of Council Advocacy positions

At its meeting held 27 September 2016 Council resolved to support the establishment of an Advocacy Position Register. As a consequence the Governance and Meeting Framework Policy was amended to institute the concept.

The Policy defines an Advocacy position as “a matter out of the scope of control of the local government but in which Council seeks to promote on behalf of the community”.

The Policy also addresses the manner in which the Advocacy Position Register is to be reviewed, with the objective of providing incoming Councillors (after an election) the opportunity to ‘have a say’ on previously resolved advocacy positions of Council.

More information can be found starting at page 102 of the Agenda.


GM-021/18 Ward Boundaries and Councillor Representation Review

At its meeting held 28 February 2017 Council resolved the following –

That Council REVIEWS the City of Rockingham ward boundaries and Councillor representation after the 2017 ordinary local government elections with an objective of implementing any changes prior to the 2019 ordinary local government elections.

This was in response to a request from the Local Government Advisory Board (LGAB) for the City to undertake some projections of elector numbers for the October 2017 and October 2019 elections and then consider whether a ward and Councillor representation review was necessary.

At the time data from the LGAB showed that representation for Baldivis Ward had moved from being under-represented to over-represented and Comet Bay remained over-represented.

A foundation of local government elections is the ‘one vote – one value’ principle; wherever possible there should be equal representation of councillors to electors across the Wards. The LGAB provides for a +/-10% deviation in representation from the City average.

It was anticipated that population growth in Baldivis Ward would equalise the ratios over time. At the time of the last review, it was anticipated that the proposed State Government development of Keralup would proceed, with accompanying future population growth.

The development has since been ‘shelved’. This had a significant impact on projections. The City did not have time to initiate a review prior to the 2017 local government elections and committed to pursuing a review prior to the 2019 elections.

More information can be found starting at page 107 of the Agenda.


CD-018/18 Recommendations from the Community Grants Program Committee Meeting held on 21 June 2018

For Council to approve the Community Grants Program Committee Recommendations as listed in the report.

More information can be found starting at page 117 of the Agenda.


Receipt of Information Bulletin

The Bulletins are the method the City uses to official keep the Councillors up to date with what’s happening in each department. As always, they are available to download and view on the City’s website.


Planning Services Bulletin

This Bulletin covers issues from;

  • Health Services
  • Building Services
  • Compliance and Emergency Liaison
  • Strategic Planning and Environment
  • Land and Development Infrastructure
  • Statutory Planning
  • Planning and Development Directorate
  • Planning and Development Directorate
    • Bush Fire Advisory Committee
    • Heritage Reference Group


Engineering and Parks Services Bulletin

This Bulletin covers issues from;

  • Engineering and Parks Services Directorate
  • Asset Services
  • Infrastructure Project Delivery
  • Parks Services
  • Engineering Services
  • Advisory Committee Minutes
    • Coastal Facilities Advisory Committee
    • Road Wise Advisory Committee


Corporate and General Management Services Bulletin

This Bulletin covers issues from;

  • Corporate Services
  • Governance and Councillor Support
  • Human Resource Development
  • Strategy and Corporate Communications
  • Investment Attraction
  • Legal Services and General Counsel
  • Advisory Committee Minutes
    • Australia Day Awards Selection Panel
    • CEO Performance Review Committee
    • Customer Service Review Committee
    • Global Friendship Committee
    • Governance Review Committee
    • Tourism Strategy Development Advisory Group


Community Development Bulletin

This Bulletin covers issues from;

  • Community Support and Safety Services
  • Library Services
  • Community Infrastructure Planning
  • Community Capacity Building
  • Community and Leisure Facilities
  • Advisory Committee Minutes
    • Christmas Festival Occasional Committee
    • City Safe Advisory Committee
    • Community Grants Program Committee
    • Cultural Advisory Committee
    • Disability Access and Inclusion Advisory Committee
    • Rockingham Education & Training Advisory Committee
    • Seniors Advisory Committee
    • Sports Advisory Committee



Motions of which Previous Notice has been given


Planning and Development Services


PD-038/18 Alternate Motion – Cape Peron

“That Council SUPPORTS in principle the lobbying of State Government Departments to urgently establish a transparent and collaborative consultation process to determine the best and most sustainable long-term future use and management of Cape Peron that: aligns with the Minister of Environment’s intent to convert Cape Peron Reserve (48968) into Class A, and vested for the purpose of “Conservation Park”, as stated in the Rockingham Lakes Regional Park Management Plan (Department of Environment and Conservation 2010).”

More information can be found starting at page 130 of the Agenda.


PD-039/18 Notice of Motion – Cape Peron – Conservation/Geo/Eco Park

“That Council:

  1. DIRECTS the CEO to produce a report of all possible options for a conservation/Geo/Eco park at Cape Peron. This should include all possible sources of revenue and economic development opportunities.
  2. DIRECTS the CEO to put the best option from part one (selected by Council) into the Tourism strategy.”

More information can be found starting at page 136 of the Agenda.


Corporate and Community Development Committee


CD-017/18 Notice of Motion – Feasibility Study for Multipurpose Arts/Culture/ Museum/ Tourism Centre

“That Council DIRECTS the CEO to carry out a feasibility study for a multi-purpose Arts, Culture, Museum and Tourism centre for the City of Rockingham.”

More information can be found starting at page 141 of the Agenda.


GM-022/18 Notice of Motion – City Chronicle “Opt in” and Printed Material and Paper Usage

  1. That Council DIRECTS the CEO to stop delivering the printed City Chronicle from January 2019 unless residents OPT IN to receive it.
  2. That Council DIRECTS the CEO to undertake a campaign to make residents aware of this impending change and to continue producing the online Chronicle.
  3. That Council DIRECTS the CEO to prepare a report for Council that outlines further measures that could be taken by the administration to reduce the amount of printed material and paper usage and to prepare that report by November 2018 so that Council can look at setting targets to reduce the dependency of paper-based materials.

More information can be found starting at page 145 of the Agenda.


Andy’s Summary

  • Parking changes in and around Central Prom and Syren Street makes sense.
  • As per usual, much of the planning related matters are focused on Baldivis, which is to be expected considering that’s where most of the development is taking place.
  • Changes to the Founders Memorial will be good. It’s a dated piece and it will better serve the people of Rockingham once it’s updated and incorporated into the new development.
  • The draft community plan and ward boundaries will go to public consultation. Looking forward to seeing the response.
  • Community Grants are a vital service and it’s great to see the work the City supports through the provision of grant money.
  • The Bulletins are always interesting to read. The City staff do a huge amount of work that often goes unnoticed. I need to spend more time making sure people are aware of the highlights.
  • It will be good to – hopefully – get a decision made on Cr Stewarts motion for Cape Peron.
  • Feasibility Study for Multipurpose Arts/Culture/Museum/ Tourism Centre, has some merit. I’m looking forward to hearing the debate on this.
  • City Chronicle “Opt in” and Printed Material and Paper. I’m very environmentally conscious and utilize the services the city provides for Councillors to be ‘paper free’ more than most, but at the same time, I like getting the City Chronicle hard copy. There’s always more that can be done in every organisation to be more environmentally friendly, and I’m looking forward to the debate on this topic too.


More Information

The complete July Agenda, Reports and Information Bulletins can be found at the City of Rockingham website here, as can the minutes of all previous meetings.



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